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Our Collections

I arrived at the name Death + Moxie after years of struggling to come up with a name that would clearly communicate what my store is about without boxing me in. While all of my work is a little off kilter, it doesn't stay in one place for too long: I'm a Gemini, after all. Over the years, I've developed a series of "collections" that I rotate in and out of. I like to chew on new concepts for awhile, but I expect to have my next new collection out by Fall 2024.

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The Women With Moxie Collection

Women With Moxie features leading women of comics from the late 1930s through the 1950s, the era now considered the "Golden Age of Comics." Though this era would lauch a litany of masculine heros including Superman, Batman, The Green Lantern, and Captain America, the names of the many female heros of the day have been lost to history. Only Wonder Woman survived. This collection celebrates the women who beat the monsters, aliens, and bad guys--and then became victims of time.


The Anatomy Collection

The heart and soul (so to speak) of Death + Moxie. Skulls. Spines. Eyeballs. Hands. Vintage photos and iIllustrations of pathologies. Of early rudimentary surgical tools and techniques. These glimpses of scientific history show us that the human body can be beautiful even as it is grotesque. 


The Wacky Collection

I have an old, ridiculous hat. It looks like a child's stuffed animal of some sort--maybe a teddy bear, maybe a fox? Regardless, every single time I wear it, strangers point to it and smile or giggle and tell me they love it. So I call it my "hat for the people," and I wear it a lot when it's cold. 

The pieces in this collection are "for the people." For the young at heart. They feature nostalgic toys, household goods, tiny animals ... anything that will make people smile when they walk by you. And, of course, make you smile when you put them on. :D 

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